Scythe – DNF




Neal Shusterman

I’ll add more to this later, but I started this book yesterday and dnf at 22%. This story line was very upsetting to me and severely triggered my anxiety. I’m still anxious halfway through the day today and I absolutely wish I could unread this.

May contain spoilers**

So Scythes kill people because the world is perfect and there’s no natural death so they kill people to keep the population “under control”. They’re not supposed to like killing people, but the scene on the plane leads me to believe that some of them do. Anyway, we follow a Scythe as he takes two apprentices (who are 16 year old children!!) and he teaches them about weapons and poisons and how to choose who dies and who gets immunity. Scythes – clearly! – make people nervous and upset and yet they continue to pretend that this is just a normal part of society and they just go around freaking people out while they’re at the grocery store. The Scythe we follow feels so caloused about what he’s doing, like it’s just a job that needs done, which is disturbing. But he also cares enough to give the person he’s about to kill a chance to write a letter to loved ones, which is also disturbing! I finally dnf’d after the boy … a 16 yo kid … was FORCED against his will! … to choose who was going to die next. He had to choose someone who was a hero & who was a good swimmer and after his search narrowed it down to 4 people he chose one at random – because the Sythe was YELLING at him to choose – and then when they go to do it the Sythe was just cool about it like “I choose to drown you, will you please accompany me down to the river?”

Excuse me!?


Screw this book.


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